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NetEase Youdao company has launched Youdao Dictionary, a cloud notes, Hui Hui, a network of promotion of a series of products. NetEase Youdao to search for products and technology as a starting point, in the large-scale data storage computing and other fields has a profound technology accumulation, and on this basis derived from the three core business language translation applications and services, personal cloud applications and E-commerce Recommender service etc.. In 2007 December, Youdao Dictionary desktop version officially launched in January, 2009, the first mobile phone version of Youdao Dictionary on-line. As of 2013 June, NetEase Youdao Dictionary (desktop and mobile phone users more than 350000000 edition). In 2011 June, it launched a 1.0Beta version notes, to cloud storage technology to help users to establish a can easily access, security storage cloud notes space, solve the problem of the management of personal data and information of the cross platform and cross location. In December 6, 2011, he notes upgrade to the full version, and changed its name to "a cloud notes". As of 2013 June, a cloud notes users has exceeded 15000000. Shopping products, in 2012 September, the original Road shopping search, Youdao shopping assistant, NetEase return now fully integrated, in order to "provide consumers speak" for the purpose of the Hui Hui online line, present value, practical, timely preferential information for consumers, and to ensure the objective and impartial these information. Hui Hui shopping assistant more than 30000000 users. 2

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It launched a test version at the end of 2006, in December 11, 2007 launched the official version. In 2006 December launched the Webpage search, image search, Youdao Blog search And the vast dictionary four products. In July 1, 2007 a comprehensive use NetEase independent research and development of search technology, and combined with the original search and Webpage search, in December 11, 2007 launched the official version. In November 17, 2009, Youdao search launched a code named "running of the bulls" 2010 preview. [2]   [3]   [4]   [5]   [6]   The original is a shopping search already and NetEase return now merged into Hui Huiwang . .

The main products

Language translation service and Application

As of 2013 October, he launched Youdao Dictionary, Youdao Dictionary Webpage version, Youdao translation, is a professional translation, a translator and other language translation services. Youdao Dictionary Is free of English translation software, the real-time collection of the most new words, original sound audio video example, five language translation, interpretation of the word screen drawing. The latest official version to version 5.4, the latest test version for the 6.0beta version. Youdao Dictionary Webpage versionWith the dictionary and search technology, the original "network marketing" function. Youdao translation Multilingual free online translation services in English, Japanese, support, South Korea, France, Russia, Western and Chinese translation, support webpage translation. A professional translationA company to provide artificial translation services. Youdao translation Officer Not connected to the Internet can use translation, translation is a type of mobile phone application. A schoolIt is introduced the personalized online English learning website. English English resumeThe translation products have launched.

Personal Cloud Application

YoudaoCloud notes (the original A note June 28, 2011 NetEase Under the way search launched cloud Notes software, support for multiple attachment format, initial with capacity of 1G free Storage space Incremental, real-time synchronization, and the "three backup storage" technology, at the same time, on-line and Webpage clipping function. At the beginning of 2012 12, a cloud notes launched 3 new, PC , IPhone , Android And Web End of the four big platform upgrade. A cloud notes after the upgrade increases the to-do list, versioning and other new features, the schedules and notes management more convenient for users.

E-commerce shopping guide service

Hui Huiwang Is NetEase Under the online shopping online shopping search and recommendation platform, officially launched in September 6, 2012, the integration of NetEase return now and a shopping search, Youdao shopping assistants and other products. Hui Hui network provides the mainstream shopping website commodity price, recommend cost-effective online shopping products, while providing large mall Shopping for Refund service. Hui Hui shopping assistant , formerly known as a shopping assistant, is NetEase its launch a browser tool. With prices, price, price, automatic logistics remind remind, coupons, with dress recommendation etc.. Hui Hui Shopping TipsShopping type mobile phone application is the Hui Hui launched, iPhone and Android two versions.

Other services

A readingIt is to provide online RSS subscription service, has suspended update. A bookmarkIt is introduced the network favorites, has suspended update. 163 site navigationIs the site navigation service is provided, has suspended update. A mealIs life service software is introduced, has suspended update. Netease BafangIs a mobile social networking products based on geographical position is introduced, has stopped service. A personal home pageIt is introduced the personalized homepage service, has been out of service. A blog searchIt is introduced the blog search products, has been out of service. A music searchIt is introduced the music to search a product, has been out of service. A map searchIt is introduced the map search product, has stopped service. A real time searchIs a real time search products have launched, has stopped service. Youdao quick stickIt is introduced the forum service, has been out of service. A blog is a Rubik's CubeIt is introduced the blog pendant, stopped service.

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